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A Vision To Die For

1Laurie and I are at Willow Creek’s Ldrship Summit. Bill Hybels opened the session on creating ownership for a “Vision to Die For.” I couldn’t stop thinking of our family discussion about our adopted country– Sierra Leone. The BBC reported recently on the upcoming elections and included several photos of the conditions. They reported:

Sierra Leone is going to the polls on 11 August. A brutal, 10-year civil war ended in 2001 and now poverty is the most pressing concern for most voters.

Once a small fishing settlement, Kroo Bay is now a sprawling slum filled with rubbish in the capital, Freetown. Home to more than 6,000 people, it is overrun with shanty structures made from discarded metal, sticks, rubbish and mud. Pigs nose in the sludge, while the water is used as an open sewer.

Micah showed us some pictures of Kroo Bay during our discussions. I was wondering: What if — ten years from now — Kroo Bay was the the diamond of West Africa? What if the 6000 had fulfilling jobs? What if African leaders gathered in Kroo Bay to agree on kingdom strategies to bring change to their countries? What if Kroo Bay became the model for escaping poverty in Africa?

n2216710922_31579Would that be a vision to die for?

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