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What Sara Saw?

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  1. tina berry | May 31, 2009 | Reply

    I loved the film me and my daughter dream to do that. we know what its like to do with out no where to go live in a car weve been so hungery but i know its nothing like children in africa i know i have nothing i have a hard time but i wish we could just send or things we dont use anymore to familys in africa if we give them to salvation army they make money from our old things i want them to go to familys in africa i would love to send a family a box of food every month i just dont know how if a family in africa would like to wright our family we would love that our address is 115 w franklin st evansville indiana 47710 we would love to help your family maybe one day meet god bless everyone in africa and the ones who go to visit ill pray for everyone to be blessed one day

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