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How you can help?

The Villages of Hope site offered the following suggestions that have application to our dreams for bringing the Kingdom to Africa:

You, your prayer group, your church, your business or place of employment can:

* Sponsor a child

* Sponsor a cottage of 8-10 children

* Sponsor a Children’s Village, with the name of a loved one or the name of your business

* Sponsor a fund-raising event to help rescue the children

* Start an orphans care ministry in your church

* Work with us to raise awareness of the enormous need to care for orphans, and of God’s heart for the fatherless

* You can volunteer to visit and help at the children’s villages. Mission trips are needed to do construction, teach the children, provide vocational training, and hold babies

Creative things people are doing to help:

* Katlyn, a high school senior collects used prom dresses, sells them, and gives the proceeds to support one of our children’s homes

* Network Funding, a mortgage lender, has helped sponsor the construction of a children’s village.

* Ken, a recently retired engineer who constructed manufacturing plants around the world, is overseeing the construction of our children’s villages in Zambia.

* Joyful Sounds School of Music gives Christmas offerings for one of our children’s villages.

* “God’s Gals”, a women’s Bible study and prayer group, sponsors a child.

* A large School District supported a student campaign, “What a Dime Can Do”, to collect loose change, raising thousands of dollars for the care of African orphans.

* Holmes Energy sponsored a booth to promote awareness of the orphan crisis at a county-wide home and garden show.

* A church middle school church youth group is fundraising to install wells for one of our children’s villages.

* Over 60 members of Mt. Zion Church built an addition onto a church member’s house. The family then gave the $20,000 budgeted for labor costs, to build our children’s villages in Namibia.

* A physician and his wife contribute the immunizations needed for volunteers going to help in Africa.

* A public relations professional contributes her creative talents to the development of promotional materials.

* Young retirees have formed a committee to develop strategies to get county churches to collaborate on sponsoring children’s villages.

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  1. Josh Bottomly | Apr 1, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Jay,

    Amy and I couldn’t believe we ran into Jody and Andy in the West Des Moines mall. What are the odds!

    Anyway we loved our time with them. Amy told me later: “Do you know when you can instantly tell that if you lived in the same town that you would be really good friends with that person?” That’s how Amy felt about Jody.

    Hey the reason I’m writing is because Amy and I have written a book, and I wanted to see if you might consider skimming through parts of it and then providing us a little endorsement. We have two smaller publishers we are looking at right now.

    I know that you might be swamped with other books, but Amy and I thought both thought of you as the first person we’d like to see read and endorse other Christians to read our story.

    Is there a e-mail address I could attach the manuscript to?

    Thanks, Jay.


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