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Learning about Africa and AIDS

World Vision is doing an awesome job telling the story of HIV/AIDS. Take a look at this.

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  1. Josh Bottomly | Feb 5, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Jay,

    I mentioned to Jody that nobody comments on your blogs, and I feel badly about that because of how thought provoking and challenging your quotes are.

    Thank you for the picture. I plan to show this picture to our house church tonight.

    I have been re-reading through the minor prophets and using Heschel’s book Prophets to help me navigate through the books. His commentary and insights are helpful. I am overwhelmed at times at the “deep structures of injustice” that are embedded within our American culture — even our church culture — that I quietly acquiesce to. Lately I have thought about Dubois’s opening sentence from The Souls of Black Folks: “The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line.” I’ve been prayerfully seeking insight into not what contributes to racial barriers but how I might participate in bringing the scaffolding of injustice down in this area. Adopting Silas has been a catalytic force in terms of re-thinking race, re-thinking Scripture (emphasis on the poor and justice), re-thinking family, and re-thinking mission.

    Anyway, I sure appreciate what you cull from your books. I’ve just finished Wallis’s The Great Awakening and Sider’s Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger — both incredibly helpful in helping me frame my questions.

    Also, Amy and I would like to adopt a country — Ethiopia. We have already adopted a Compassion Child from Addis. We are also planning to return to Ethiopia with a small team next summer. Education is something we want to give ourselves to. I look forward to working through your book list. It’s hard to keep up with someone with two Ph.D.’s!



  2. jay | Feb 5, 2008 | Reply

    Josh, thanks for the comments. We’ve been on the same journey. The Bible is like a new book to me. How did I miss all those verses on the poor . . . on injustice. You need to get to know the Jonsson family–one of our cadet leaders years ago and now on an Olmsted in Jordan. Here’s Heather’s link They recently adopted from Ethiopia as well. Shoulder to shoulder, Jay

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