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Disciples or Crowds? »

The Challenges of Change in Africa 22 September, 2009 By Steve Addison So do rapidly expanding church planting movements grow disciples or just gather crowds? Let’s take a look at what happened in Rwanda. Here’s the email traffic with David Watson. . . Hi David I noticed on your blog that you’ve been to Rwanda. […]

An Atheist Argues that Africa Needs God »

The following article by atheist Matthew Parris, a columnist for the TIMESONLINE, describes his view of how Christianity is critical to African development. The article illustrates the contagious nature of a Christianity that blends proclamation and demonstration–that calls for submission to a King and works for the building of his Kingdom. — Jay From The […]

Social Impact — Changing Africa and Us »

” Some areas of “social impact” should have NO handouts, in fact they can stifle change, others need some “capacity building” = teaching to fish for free, and others just need fish because if they don’t eat today they’ll die.” — Pete Bremberg

Water? »

THIRST View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: design crisis)

The Miracle of Plumpynut »

Here a link to one Families for Africa’s strategy to tap into this miracle.

Let’s Dance »

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

The Girl Effect »

What Sara Saw? »

What happens when God gets ahold of a family? »

Chris and Lisa have a big dream. Chk out their latest post and listen to his message. Amazing.

Transformational Development »

Transformational Development Conference Food for the Hungry is sponsoring a conference at George Fox University on August 14-16. Would love to attend, but can’t right now. Can someone else go and blog here on what they’ve learned? As I read thru the description of the term “transformational development,” I found it related to our vision […]